Interview with Kusi Clement

 Kusi Clement is a young Ghanaian rider dreaming to become a professional rider. He is 21 and he lives in Sunyani (about 350 km North of the capital Accra), he took 3rd place in the general rank of “La Route de l’Est” 2017 in  Cote d’Ivoire .                                     

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Dear Kusi Clement…


1. I would like to start this interview asking to introduce yourself to those who don’t know you.

1. I’m Kusi Clement  and I am from Sunyani, Ghana.


2. Do you only dedicate yourself to cycling or do you do another  job?

2. I’m a cyclist and a student too.


3. When did you start riding a racing bike?

3. I started riding bicycle in 2010.

4. Are you on a cycling team? Which one ?

4. Yes, I’ m in  River Park Cycling Team. We are about twelve riders and one coach.


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                             “La Route de l’Est” 2017 –  Cote d’Ivoire                                      Kusi Clement occupied the 3rd in the general rank



5. Do you compete in Ghana or in other countries?

5. I compete in Ghana and outside, for example I participated twice at Tour of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia (2016 and 2017) and once at the African Continental Championships in Morocco (2016). I

6. Is road cycling a popular sport in Ghana?

6. No, it’s a leisure sport.

7. How many kilometres do you ride each week?

7. At least 500 kilometres a week.


8. Are you good at fixing your bike?

8. Yes


L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, in piedi, bicicletta e spazio all'aperto


9. What are your plans for the next months and for the next few years?

9. I want to be a pro rider but I have no sponsor, I have tried for several years to have one. I need someone who will push me.

10. Will you try to become a professional cyclist?

10. Yes, if I get a sponsor.


11. Which race do you dream to be in?

11. I dream the  Tour de France.


12. Which are the main problems that you have to face in order to become a professional rider?

12. Not having a sponsor is the main issue because it means I have to take care of everything  on my own so, at times, after training I don’t even get food to eat and when I have problems on the bike I can’t afford to fix it.



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African Continental Championships – ITT 2016  – Morocco


13. Is there a rider that you consider a model to follow?

13. Yes, Peter Sagan.


14. In Ghana are there any road or MTB races?

14. Actually yes, but not that much, maybe once a year.


15. What is your favourite dish? What is your favourite song and book?

15. My favourite dish is rice and chicken. I like pop songs and my favourite books are on animal’s life, particularly mammals’.


Many thanks Kusi Clement.


Interview by Pietro Fasola


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