Interview to Samuel Mugisha

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, persone in piedi e spazio all'aperto


1 – I would like to start this interview asking  to introduce yourself to those who don’t know you.

1 – My name is Samuel Mugisha, I’m 20 years old and I’m a professional cyclist. I’m from Rwanda but I live in Lucca, in Italy with Dimension Data for Qhubeka, my team .


2 – When and how did you start to ride a bike?

2 – I started when I was 14, I didn’t  have a bike, it was not easy to train, but my mum helped me to get a bike. In 2015 I did the test for the National team and I won it, they gave me a bike and in 2016 I started to race with them. In that year I partecipated to many African Races in Algeria, Morocco, Eritrea and Cameroon, then I did the Tour of Rwanda and I won the prize for the King of the Mountain.
Last year I competed with Dimension Data for Qhubeka, I partecipated to some Italian races, at Tour du Rwanda and at World Championships U23 with my country.
In this season in February I won a stage in the Coupe des Nations de l’Espoir Blue Line in Cameroon.


3 – Are there any differences between African and European races?

3 – Yeah, for sure, there is a a big difference because the African races are easy respect to the European races. In Africa there aren’t many riders in the peloton, in Europe you see there are 200 people and you get good experience.


4 – What are your objectives for the future?

 4 – I  would like to become one of the strongest in the world like Christopher Froome and to race in the Tour de France and to other big races.


5 –  Do you only dedicate yourself to cycling or are you still studying? 

5 – No, I stopped studying, I just do cycling because it’s a good sport that can change your life.


6 – Is there a rider that you consider a model to follow?

6 – Yes, he is Tom Dumoulin.


7 – Which race do you dream to be in?

7 – Tour de France.


8 – Is the cycling a popular sport in Rwanda?

8. Yeah, it’s a popular sport in Rwanda.

9 –  Are you good at fixing your bike?

9 – Yeah 😉


10 – What is your favourite song?

10 – Westlife- Beautiful in White.

11 -What is the cycling for you?

11 – It’s very important in my life, because it helps me and my family.


“And I can say thank you to everyone helping me to become professional..!”.


Many thank Samuel Mugisha

by Pietro Fasola


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