Interview to Johannes Adamietz

Johannes Adamietz is a German professional cyclist, he is 22 years old and he rides for the German SKS Sauerland NRW  team.

Photo credit: Charlotte Pudepiéce

 1. Before getting to know yourself more, I would like to ask you for a comment on your performance in the last race, the European Continental Championships U23.

Actually I can be happy that I could participate in the race. I crashed two weeks ago in Estonia at the Baltic Chain Tour. I injuried my foot and my hip. My performance was not really good but I was still able to help the team and to finish in the bunch.

 2. What are your goals for the next months of this 2020?

It’s my goal to make it to the U23 world’s Championship if they take place. It’s also my goal to win the National U23 Championships. They are scheduled for October 25th now and I was second there last year.

3. Do you already know which races you will participate in next?

Not at all. You cannot plan anything at the moment.

4. How have you prepared for your return to racing in the last few months?

I trained a lot and I tried to improve my general fitness. The first races were hard because I also need races to prepare for races.

5. What are your technical characteristics?

I’m a climber. I’ve a good general endurance, I’m also good in bad weather conditions and in descents.

6. How do you feel in the SKS Sauerland NRW team?

I feel really good there. It is like a big family. I’ve never been in a team with such a nice atmosphere.

7.  Can you tell me about your typical training day ?

Normally I wake up at 7am. I usually eat selfmade porridge with some fruits and one egg. Before starting training I often do something for university because your mind is more fresh before training than afterwards. During training I sometimes stop for a coffee break. Especially if it’s a hard training. I’ve some training companions here, one of them is Felix Engelhardt riding for Tirol KTM Cycling Team. After training most times I relax for one hour or two before doing again something for university.

8- What do you think about the German cycling movement? Are there young prospects ?

After the Jan Ulrich doping period nobody was interested in cycling anymore in Germany. It wasn’t even broadcasted in the television anymore. In the beginning of the 2010 years we got some really strong sprinters like Greipel and Kittel. Now we also have some GC guys and climbers and a WorldTour Team with Bora Hansgrohe. The public is more interested again in cycling so it’s on a good way. For sure this development would be over with another doping scandal.


9- What do you like best and least about your job?

It’s very cool that you just have to go out and ride your bike. I enjoy this every day. I also enjoy racing because I like competing and every race is like a new adventure, you never know what is happening next. I don’t like crashes and sometimes cycling is crazy hard.

10-  What is cycling teaching you?

Never give up!

11- What is the most beautiful place you have “visited” during a cycling trip?

Italy and its culture but I also know many beautiful places in my home region I wouldn’t know if I would not be a cyclist.

12- What did you study?

I finished High School and I m studying Economics at university besides my cycling career. The university gives me a lot of space to concentrate on cycling if I need to.

13.  What is your nickname in the peloton?

It’s Adam because a mechanic in the U19 category was calling me like that.

14.  Besides cycling, what are your biggest passions?

I also did a lot of music before I started cycling seriously. In my family it’s more common to make music. My mother is a singer.

15. What was the best and the worst moment of your career so far?

Winning the mountain championship 2016 solo, not being selected for some races I trained really really hard for.

16. Describe yourself with three adjectives.

Open minded, calm, tough.

Thanks to Johannes Adamietz !

Article edited by Pietro Fasola


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