Interview to Paul Rudys

Paul Rudys is a professional cyclist who rides for the german LKT Team Brandenburg. He was born on 1st June 1998 in Pinneberg, Germany and his best result in a UCI race is the 9th place in Eschborn-Frankfurt 2019.

 1- Before getting to know yourself more, I would like to ask you for a comment on your performance in the last race, the Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc. 

I felt good in my last race, but unfortunately I couldn’t achieve the result I had hoped for. In the end, the profile of the race was too easy for me as a climber and there was always a sprint at the end. But the performance datas were good and I am looking forward to the next races with confidence.

2- What are your goals for the last months of this 2020?

My goal for the rest of the season is definitely the National U23 Championship at the end of October.

3- Do you already know which races you will participate in next?

My next races will be some Bundesliga races and some smaller national races. Before the highlight with the U23 championship at the end of October

4- Do you already have negotiations for a new team for next season?

I’m not currently still negotiating with a team, but I’m currently looking for a new team because my old one will close at the end of the year.

5- What are your technical characteristics?

I am a climber with my only 60kg but also not so slow from a small group at the end of a tough race.

6- How do you feel in the LKT Team Brandenburg?

I feel very comfortable with the LKT Team Brandenburg. It gave me a professional environment to develop myself further during my U23 time, especially this year under my coach Paul Voss. But now the team closes at the end of the year and next year I am no longer an U23 rider, so next year I will be part of a different team.

7- What improvements have you seen in yourself over the past four years on this team?

My development has been going very well over the past 4 years. For 2 years now I have been working with Paul Voss, who leads my training and supports our team as a sports director. I was able to improve from year to year in terms of my performance but I could not always achieve the desired results. Hopefully this will change in the future.

8- What do you think about the German cycling movement? Are there young promises?

From my point of view, German cycling is back on the right track. Unfortunately, after Lance Armstrong’s doping period, there was quite a decline in cycling in Germany. But now it is slowly going better and better again.

9- What do you like best and least about your job?

The best thing about the job is that you discover so many new places all over the world, but the worst thing is to train in bad weather but it’s part of the job.

10-  What is cycling teaching you?

That you should never give up.

11- What is the most beautiful place you have “visited” during a cycling trip?

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited by bike is Cap de Formentor.

12- Are you only dedicated to cycling or are you finishing your studies?

No, I don’t just do cycling. I also study urban and regional planning. I think you should always have a plan B next to cycling.

 13- What is your nickname in the peloton?

I don’t have a special nickname, I am often called by my last name Rudys because we have many other people on the team who are also called Paul.

 14- Besides cycling, what are your biggest passions?

My biggest passion besides cycling is that I am quite interested in Formula 1 and like to watch the races there.

15- What was the best and the worst moment of your career so far?

My worst moment was definitely at the beginning of this year because of the corona pandemic. At the beginning of the season I was in a better mood than ever before, but I couldn’t achieve my goals because the races didn’t take place. But my best monemt was definitely a top 10 place last year in the Race Eschborn-Frankfurt (U23/1.2) against an international top field.

16- Describe yourself with three adjectives.

Determined, emotional and structured

Thanks to Paul Rudys !!!

By Pietro Fasola


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